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"... david certainly wanted to move and play like other boys, and around the age of seven or eight, he decided that by watching what they did, he should be able to work out in his head the various bodily movements involved in catching a ball or climbing a tree. by carefully planning each move, he would then be able to control his body. a few years later, at around ten or twelve, he was walking in the woods woods with a group of boys when they came to a stream traversed by a series of rocks. again, it was the sort of situation that troubled him. he would now have to plan a head, note the position of the rocks, and decide where and how to place his feet. for david, physical security came in assuming trusted positions: he would move only when he had developed sufficient confidence. yet as soon as he jumped onto the first stone, he realized that it was impossible to stop long enough to plan the next step. crossing the river, jumping from stone to stone, could be done only in one continuous movement. if he tried to stop or even thinkg about what he was doing, he would fall in. his only hope was to keep moving. this moment of insight became so significant to him that he told the story many times during his life. up to that point, david had assessed each situation in his life, never fully committing himself, always fearful of being pulled along by "irrational currents".

at that moment, however, he suddenly realized that security does not require control and stillness but can come in a freely flowing movement...."

f david peat in "INFINITE POTENTIAL ~ the life and times of david bohm" (1997, by addison wesley)

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